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About Me


Hello, I'm Christina,


I've born in Europe, Spain, and lived there for more than 35 years. Worked in the technology world for decades. In 2014 my family and me decided to move to CA and that’s when I decided to make a 360degrees turn to my professional career and give it a try to my passion, the photography.








Now I’m proud to say I’m a photographer living and working in Orange County for more than 8 years. When I’m not with the camera or with the computer I’m hanging out with my family, my husband, my 4 kids and my 2 German shepherds. I love cooking, wine and Taekwondo 😉


I’ve always loved photography and especially looking at old pictures of my parents and my childhood. To me, photos are the way that’s stories are told without words, a flashback to your past. My photographic style is a mix of lifestyle and posed because I value telling a story as much as looking at a really beautiful piece of art and always with clean and natural colors behind.


My key to success: Do what you love and love what you do!

Hello, I'm Marta! I've been in the photography business since 2001. Weddings and fashion photography have been my focus over the past years until I've decided to join my sister in the family and kids photography as well.


Orange County

Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

Tel: 281-919-5493

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